5 Things You Have to Include in Your PET Waiver Letter

Get a PET Waiver

Few people enjoy taking exams. They’re stressful, expensive, and take time away from important work. If you’re required to take the PET, but already have a high level of English knowledge, you may qualify for an exemption. To do this you will have to write a letter. It doesn’t  matter if it’s SAT waiver or other, you can look through our guide on how to do so. The PET shows that you have basic competence in English. It involves three sections – reading, writing, and speaking. It takes about two and a half hours. It’s important for demonstrating that you can comfortably use basic English, but if you qualify for a waiver, how can you get it? Here’s our letter writing advice.

pet waiver request letter sample

Structure of PET Waiver

Follow this basic structure and you’ll be well on your way to a great PET waiver letter.

  • First, write the date.
  • Then skip two lines and write the name and address of the person you’re writing to.
  • Write a greeting two lines below.
  • Write an introduction with the reason for your letter in it.
  • Go down a line, then write a body with supporting evidence.
  • Add a short paragraph thanking the recipient for their time.
  • Skip two lines, and add a closing.
  • Type your name four lines down, then print and sign your name in the blank space.

pet waiver letter sample and help

Tips for Writing PET Letter

These are the five most important things to include when writing your PET letter. Leave one out and you’ll make an imperfect impression.

  • A name: If you possibly can, find out who will be reading your letter and then address it to that person. ‘To whom it may concern’ or ‘Sir or Madam’ makes a bad impression.
  • Perfect grammar: Present your best face by having your letter proofread by someone with excellent English skills.
  • All the facts: …but only the facts. Be sure you’re including everything you need to make your case convincingly. However, leave out irrelevant details so that your reader doesn’t have to wade through extra stuff to get to the point.
  • Supporting documentation: Thoroughly check the requirements for supporting documentation. Ensure you send it with your letter or are prepared to send it upon request.
  • The right structure: To make sure you’re building your letter correctly, create an outline. You can use the template we gave you or make your own – just be sure you stay on track.

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