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Learn How to Save Time and Efforts Writing MGT Waiver Letter

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writing mgt exam waiver letter

mgt waiver letter question“I need help! I wanted to apply for a master’s degree in global logistics, but the MGT exam is required, but I don’t have it.  How do I request a waiver letter?”

If you’re one of those student applicants looking to solve their effort and time in writing the MGT waiver letter, this quick guide is for you! Aside from finding a GMAT waiver letter sample on our site, you will also discover how to write an excellent waiver letter proving your professionalism and proficiency on the subject even without the MGT exam, and we also provide help with writing a waiver letter.
Just like when you would need an English test waiver letter if you don’t have English proficiency scores, you would need a waiver letter if you don’t have the principles of management exam. First of all, you can still apply for a master degree in global logistics even if you don’t have the MGT if you qualified for the school’s requirement. The basic to start writing is to check for the qualifications on the official website of the school to find out if you could request an MGT exam waiver.

writing mgt waiver letter

When applying for a global logistics graduate program, which requires an exam score in the supply chain management or MGT as a whole or English test waiver letter, you can write a waiver letter explaining you don’t have the exam result.

Write the first sentence stating your request, along with the overall criteria where you are eligible for the waiver request. In the next paragraph, be able to demonstrate your management skills to substantiate your plea or appeal.

You may want to add expertise showing you already have the skills and knowledge being measured in the MGT exam. You should also mention how the skills are appropriate to face any challenges you met in the past.

In the next paragraph of MGT exam waiver, be able to use evidential data, including professional career experiences and achievements that back up the claims you had earlier. Lastly, restate the gentle request and appreciation to the committee for considering the appeal.

What to Include in the Waiver Letter MGT

Follow the tips below to create a good MGT exam waiver letter and get matched to the desired program even without the MGT:

  • Don’t forget to use a business letter format or template
  • Don’t brag, so eliminate tendencies of writing about achievements that do not have to do with the application
  • Proofread and edit a couple of times to ensure no mistakes. Or, have an expert edit it for you
  • Parts: Subject line, salutation,  introduction, a body of the letter, conclusion, closing remarks, and signature above-printed name

Writing the MGT waiver letter is easy with the pros! Get help from us and submit an excellent appeal letter today!