Interesting Facts About Low GRE Score

The Graduate Record Examination, also called GRE, is a standardized exam taken by students looking to apply for a postgraduate study in the United States and other countries. There are actually several sections to take note of in the tests and we’ll discuss here.
Low GRE Score

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Interesting Low GRE Score Statistics

  • A US citizen average a score of about six (6) points lower on the Math subject and six (6) points higher on verbal, as compared to other non-US citizens.
  • China records a higher Math average score at 162.9; no other countries average higher than 160.
  • New Zealand applicants record the highest GRE score for verbal test, 157.3
  • Engineering majors rank highest in terms of average in math, 158.9
  • Art and humanities majors rank highest for verbal tests, 156.5; and then an AWA score, 4.1

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What Is the Average GRE Score by Intended Graduate Majors?

  • Business majors, 152 on math, 149.5 on verbal
  • Education majors, 147.3 on math, 149.5 on verbal
  • Engineering, 158.9 on math, 148.7 on verbal
  • Humanities and arts majors, 149.2 on math, 156.5 on verbal

What Are the Average GRE Scores for Top Programs?

  1. For engineering, Princeton reports an average of 161V and 162Q for admitted students.
  2. For Harvard, the average for engineering program is 161V, 4.3 AW and 165Q.
  3. USC, on the other hand, reports an average of 155V and 159Q for engineering


  1. UCLA recommends scores between 162-164 V, 4.5-5.0 AW and 161-163Q
  2. UC Berkeley average 161 V, 161 Q and 4.5 AW in its psychology program.
  3. University of Minnesota reports average of 160 V and 156 Q


  1. Average applicants to the Yale School of Management scores at least 160 V and 162 Q.
  2. At the Iowa’s Tipple School of Management, it reports an average of 153 V and 153 Q.
  3. At Wharton School of U Penn the average score is 162 V and 167 Q.

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