Graduate Schools That Accept Low GPA

graduate schools that accept low gpa

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The bad news is that getting into grad school with a low GPA is not going to be an easy ride. There will be a lot of research to carry out, and there might be one or two other things that you need to do to convince the admissions team that you’re worthy of a place.

There are two pieces of good news, though: Firstly, getting into grad school with a low GPA is still totally possible (only with really impressive English waiver letter of course), as there are a number of graduate schools that accept low GPA.

And secondly, we’re here to help!

Lots of students are in the same position as you, and all of them will at first be feeling a little down about their low GPA scores. But many students just like you have got into grad school with a low GPA – which means you can too!

Getting Into Grad School With A Low GPA – Be Proactive

A low GPA score reflects badly on your motivation and discipline, as well as your focus at school. Naturally, this won’t go down all that well with admissions teams. But if you can demonstrate to them that standardized tests just aren’t your thing and that you are committed and dedicate to doing well at grad school, that are a number of graduate schools that accept low GPA scores who will be willing to talk to you. You need to be proactive and build up some experience that showcases your talents and abilities. For example, you could do some volunteering, and you could do an internship. Experience counts a lot on your application – so go and get some!

Getting Into Grad School with a Low GPA – Write a Personal Statementsample letter explaining low gpa

Graduate schools with low GPA requirements are plentiful, but they’re not going to consider you unless you can explain the reasons behind your low GPA score. To help you explain why you performed below average, you should write a personal statement in a non-complaining tone that objectively presents the facts. For example, if there were any extenuating circumstances at the time – such as illness – you can note this in your personal statement. As well as explaining your low score, your personal statement should also make it clear that you will perform better at grad school, and that your focus will be much sharper.

Graduate Schools With Low GPA Requirements:

  • Mitchell College (Connecticut)
  • Wesley College (Delaware)
  • Calumet College of Saint Joseph (Indiana)
  • Kentucky State University (Kentucky)
  • Nichols College (Massachusetts)
  • Dean College (Massachusetts)
  • Rust College (Mississippi)
  • Lincoln University (Missouri)
  • Saint Augustines College (North Carolina)
  • Central State University (Ohio)

Graduate schools with low GPA requirements are out there, and often it’s just a case of doing some research to find them. Naturally, despite them only requiring a low GPA score, they will want to see some evidence that you are the right student for them.

If you are looking for colleges with low gpa requirements, then this info might come in handy.

For this reason, we can’t stress enough that you should be proactive and gain some experience and that you should write a personal statement.