Interesting Facts About Low GMAT Score

The Graduate Management Admission Test, also called GMAT, is a standardized exam used to measure and predict how a student could perform in the Masters in Business Administration program. It is one of the indicators how a student will succeed in the study and it is one of the major decision factors, which the admissions used in screening their applicants.

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Interesting Facts about Low GMAT Score

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What to Know About Low GMAT Score

How does the scoring of this test work? First, remember that there is the analytical writing assignment in which scoring is between 0-6 points for your GMAT waiver MBA, evaluating your critical writing as well as communication skills.

Then, there is the integrated reasoning, which is scored between 1-8 points, measuring a student’s aptitude when it comes to analyzing presented information available in various formats. Following is the quantitative test, which is rated between 0-60 points, measuring your ability to analyze as well as draw conclusions. Finally, there is the verbal composition, between 0-60 points, measuring your critical reasoning, reading comprehension and sentence correction skills.

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Take note: The verbal and quantitative sections can contribute up to 800 in your GMAT score; both the scores are most valued by the committee.

  • Top business schools reporting increases YOY in GMAT score average
  • Texas Tech Rawls increasing by 36, from 523 in 2013 to 559 in 2014 followed by Alabama Manderson increases 27 from 632 in 2013 to 659 in 2014.
  • Top business schools reporting YOY declines in GMAT score average
  • Topping the list is Claremont Drucker, decreasing 32 from 609 in 2013 to 577 in 2014 followed by Tulane Freeman, decreasing 27 from 676 in 2013 to 649 in 2014.

What Are the Average GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools in the US 2016?

  • Stanford University, 732 (96 percentile)
  • Harvard University, 726 (95 percentile)

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