7 Tricks That Will Make Your Low GPA Essay Outstanding

Low GPA Essay to Improve Your Admission Chances

A low-grade point average can definitely affect your chances of being accepted into the school you want at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This is especially true of the top programs. However, it isn’t impossible to overcome a low-grade point average. There are some measures and steps you can take to offset a grade point average that is hurting your chances for admittance to the program you want. One of the tools at your disposal is the waiver essay explaining your low GPA.

While it is unlikely that even the best essay will overcome four years of substandard performance it can make the difference in many cases. An explaining GPA letter like pardon letter consists of several parts, it helps you to organize the information properly.

poor gpa waiver letter question“I need help in addressing why my grade is F on physics for my application to the doctoral of the physical therapy program. How do I begin and explain why my GPA is low?”

How do you write the poor GPA waiver letter? When applying to a school, they require for the GPA submission along with other requirements, such as a transcript of records and test scores. These are some of the essentials they need to determine your suitability for the doctoral of the physical therapy program. But if you don’t want to submit a poor physics grade of “F,” you may request a waiver letter. However, not all student requests will be granted. To increase your chances of submitting a good waiver request for a poor GPA, here’s a quick guide for you.
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If you believe that you have the experience, knowledge, and skills in the field of physical therapy, but you have a poor GPA, which you don’t want to submit with the requirements, learn how to write GRE waiver request letter. Before writing to explain underwhelming grades, be sure to know how to write the letter to structure it well so that it can help you achieve your purpose of waiving the low GPA. Mention the purpose of writing the letter. You must clearly explain why you’re requesting of waiving your GPA scores.

In the next paragraphs, you must show them that you don’t need to submit those low scores, but be sure to mention specific points why. In addition, demonstrate your academic and professional experience as well as skills, which are enough to prove that the low scores won’t affect your performance in the doctoral course and that you don’t have to submit these grades. Make sure that you support every claim with descriptions or examples. Before closing the letter, restate your intentions of waiving the poor GPA and of completing your application to the physical therapy program without it.

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Tips on How to Write an Essay Explaining a Low GPA

The first thing to understand is your essay is not a magic bullet that will miraculously solve all of your grade point average problems. It will require some effort on your part to convince admissions officials to overlook your grades. If you are serious about getting into a program and haven’t waited too long, the essay can tilt thing in your favor. Here are seven tips for writing an essay to explain your low GPA:

  • Low GPA EssayOwn up to your mistakes: If your poor GPA is due to something like one semester of partying or just underestimating the amount of work required, admit your mistake. Admitting your own mistakes is a sign of maturity that some admissions officials will consider favorably. There is no need to get too personal or go into great detail. This is more effective if a low GPA stems from only one or two semesters of poor performance.
  • Low GPA LetterDon’t make a bunch of excuses: going on and on about why you have poor grades can sound like whining. Nobody likes a whiner. Rather than make excuses demonstrate what you have done to overcome obstacles in specific examples and of course admitting the mistakes and gaps if any.
  • Low GPA WaiverNever blame an instructor: blaming an instructor for your poor performance will not earn you any goodwill with admissions boards. Avoid pointing the finger at somebody else for your poor performance. Bringing negativity to your GPA waiver will only worsen the situation, so always stay positive.
  • Legitimate Reason for Low GPA ScoreProvide a legitimate reason: although you don’t want to make a lot of excuses there are some legitimate reasons for poor performance. A death in the family or serious illness that prevented you from concentrating on your studies would be examples of good reasons. Don’t make your explanation a “sob” story but it is okay to mention such problems
  • Show Your PerformanceShow that you performed better in courses related to the program: for example, if you are applying to a chemistry program and you did well in sciences and math but performed poorly in history resulting in a low GPA, admissions may take that into consideration.
  • Show EnthusiasmDemonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to the program you are applying to: this isn’t as easy as saying you are committed and enthusiastic. Provide examples of things you have done such as volunteer work, extra studies, and books you have read that show your commitment and enthusiasm is real and not something manufactured just so you will get accepted.
  • Writing an Essay for Not Good GPADon’t ignore the problem: it is often recommended not to point out weak areas in applications and in some cases this is true. However, there is no hiding a low GPA and if it is poor enough that it would normally keep you out of a program, then your best option is to provide an explanation rather than hoping it gets overlooked.

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What to Include Waiver Letter Explaining Low GPA Scores

Here are a couple of things that need to be mentioned:

  • Qualifications set by the school.
  • Outline.
  • Experiences or skills to prove you have the expertise in the field without needing to send the GPA scores.
  • Proofread your paper.
  • Follow specific business letter format as set by the school if you’re qualified for the GPA waiver letter.

There you have a quick guide on how to address bad grades in the personal statement or waiver letter. Follow them and increase your chances of being approved for the application without the GPA scores.

Review a Low GPA Essay Example

Reading a good essay explaining a low GPA is one way to learn how to write your own. You can’t copy the essay but you can get ideas on how to approach writing your own paper. Our waiver letter writing services provides low GPA essay examples and waiver request letter samples that you can use as a writing guide. Getting into a good university program is a compilation of many different things and anything that can tilt things slightly in your favor helps.

Contact us for low GPA letter writing advice and assistance to improve your odds of getting into your university program of choice!