How to Write a Waiver for School Correctly

writing a good waiver letter for school

Why May You Need a Waiver Letter for School?

waiver for school helpA letter of waiver is a kind of letter that is used to verify that someone has waived one of their rights, asking for something to be waived, like tuition fees etc. or that they wish to be excluded from an activity that has been organized for a certain lesson. Your waiver should explain in a clear and easy to understand way what you are requesting as the recipient needs to know what you are asking to have waived.

Just because you have written and sent a letter of waiver, it doesn’t mean that your request will be automatically given. It needs to convince the recipient that there is a legitimate reason why the requested waiver should be granted by stating a valid reason for granting your request.

What Information Should Be Included in Your Letter?

waiver for school serviceMany schools will have their own form of waiver letter that comes as a school waiver form that should be completed by the parent or legal guardian and then signed. It is still a good idea to include waiver letter in the form of a cover letter to the school waiver form as this adds a personal approach and can explain in detail any reasons you have.

Before you start to write, you should start thinking of what to include in the waiver letter. There are numerous samples and example letters you can look through online to get an idea, but in general you should start by:

  • Checking eligibility: Every school has their own set of guidelines of eligibility which must be taken into consideration when addressing any waiver requests. Before writing a waiver letter you need to understand those terms to determine whether or not you qualify.
  • Explaining the request: Start the letter with an explanation for the request. State why you are requesting your child to be excused from a lesson or why they need to be released from school.
  • Providing additional information: Any further information you can supply. This can include anything that pertains to the main request.
  • Include supporting documents: Send the letter with an appointment slip, doctors letter etc. that may support the requester waiver.

how to write a waiver for school

How to Write a Waiver for School

As with all forms of official letters, a waiver letter should follow a certain format which helps it to look much more professional and which shows the recipient that you are to be taken seriously. Although each school waiver form may be different in its presentation, it will still be professional presented which is how your waiver letter needs to be also:

  • Start with the Date
  • Skip 2 lines then write the Name & Recipient Address
  • Salutation/ Greeting
  • Skip a line and write why you are asking for the waiver
  • Skip 2 lines and include a closing statement
  • Skip 4 lines then include your name and sign

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