List of 9 Universities with the Highest GPA Acceptance Rate

If you want to gain admission to a university with the highest GPA imaginable, you’re going to need to study hard. It may be interested for you to see Ivy League average GPA, but it’s not only the Ivy League that demands a high GPA of its prospective students so you might be surprised at the requirements of some colleges that are supposedly less prestigious. Consider the nine universities below and use the expert tips provided to maximize your chances of acceptance.

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The Nine Universities with Highest Average GPA

Aside from passing admission exams, you’ll need to study hard throughout high school if you want to stand a chance of being rewarded with college admission to any of the universities with highest GPA.

You’ll find that the universities with highest average GPA include most of the Ivy League institutions as well as some no less prestigious but somewhat less elitist colleges.

  • Princeton University has an average GPA of 3.89 and has some of the lowest acceptance rates of colleges in the whole of the United States. You’ll need a sky-high SAT score to gain admission.
  • Rice University in Houston, Texas is probably the best place to study in the Lone Star State with a GPA of 3.892. It has a relatively high acceptance rate of 16.7% which is rather generous for a top 9 school.
  • Swarthmore College also has a stellar GPA of 3.892, making it the second-highest of the liberal arts schools. It’s SAT averages are no joke either, being the fourth highest in the liberal arts.
  • The University of Virginia has that wonderful mix of a super-high GPA and a very comfortable-sounding overall acceptance rate. These figures are 3.894 and 30% respectively.
  • The University of Pennsylvania has the best SAT average scores in the whole state and the highest GPA of all of the Ivy League schools at 3.894. Its acceptance rates are rather pleasant to hear when compared to that of some of the other so-called Ancient Eight schools of the Northeast.
  • Duke University is by far the best school in the whole of North Carolina and its GPA of 3.911 doesn’t do a single thing to contradict this statement. It’s pretty pricey though, so do try to get a scholarship based on your SAT score.
  • If you’re one for the liberal arts, you can’t go wrong with the exclusive Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. With a GPA of 3.919, it’s a hard taskmaster.
  • No list of the top 9 universities with highest GPA would be complete without MIT, formally known as Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has a strikingly low acceptance rate of 3.924 and has a GPA of 3.924.
  • The only one of these universities with high GPA score to beat MIT is, unsurprisingly, Caltech. The California Institute of Technology boasts an average ACT score of 34 and a GPA of 3.933.


What Counts as a High GPA?

Everything’s relative, even in a seemingly closed and measurable system like grade point averages. You can see from the universities with high GPA score here that anything approaching a perfect 4.0 is pretty par for the course. Getting into university is difficult regardless of whether you plan to aim for the top schools in the country and it’s important that you understand what counts as a high GPA for your goals.

If you want to gain admission to one of the Ivy League schools or one of the top liberal arts institutes, you’re going to need a GPA that almost breaks the scale. You’ll need to be thinking about achieving a score of 3.8 as a minimum and if you can beat the averages stated above, then that’s great news.

However, if you’re setting your sights a little lower than that and you feel your GPA will suffice only for a middling or even lower tier college, you can do perfectly well with a GPA of around 3.0. Bear in mind that anything below this may require you to take special measures in order to gain acceptance into a decent university.

Expert Tips for Scoring a High GPA

Sometimes all we need to succeed like never before is a few nudges in the right direction. Follow the professionally sourced tips below and you’ll be able to look on proudly as your GPA floats up and up. You might find some of these tips rather obvious whereas some you’ll never have guessed alone. Either way, if you aren’t doing them, then it’s about time you make sure you’re on top of your game.

  • Play the high school grading system at its own game. It’s better to get an A in a standard class than it is to get a C in an advanced class, so don’t try to be too smart for your own good.
  • The early bird catches the worm. If you haven’t logged that many credit hours yet, you have plenty of time to raise your grades. Start working hard now and you don’t regret it later.
  • Don’t skip class if you’re tempted to just read through the PowerPoint slides provided in advance. Your grades are subjective to a certain extent in that your professor will look down upon you if he or she doesn’t remember you attending their classes. This could make the difference between a B+ and an A- grade.
  • Take part in the class. This goes back to your professors’ awareness of your enthusiasm and desire to learn. Participation also helps you to cement your newly acquired knowledge in your brain.

Gaining acceptance to a university with the highest GPA is within your capability if you follow the right advice and maintain a dedicated and enthusiastic outlook. It’s hard at times but nothing that was truly worth it ever came too easy. Consider all of your options and strive to be the best you can be. But if you have got low GPA high MCAT can save you.

Succeeding in your goal of getting a place in a university with the highest GPA is wholly possible. Work hard and you’ll reach your full potential.