GRE Waiver Request Letter for Your Application

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gre waiver request letter question“I am applying for an MPH but I want a GRE waiver letter. How should I write it?”

If you’re applying for an MPH or Masters in Public Health program and you want a GRE waiver request letter, keep reading. To appeal and request to waive the Yale psychology GRE scores, you need to show that you have the needed skills and knowledge measured by the GRE in your waiver letter. Here is how to write it.
writing gre waiver request letter
For the waiver letter GRE public health, you must highlight that you already have the skills being measured by the examination and prove those in certain examples and illustrations to support the claims you made. In the beginning of the GRE or GMAT waiver letter, state your purpose for writing, which is to waive the scores, and then in the next paragraph, write those skills and professional work experiences that you have to prove that you can complete the application without the test scores. And then in the next paragraph, be able to show examples to prove your claim, backing up and convincing the committee further.

In the final section of the public health GRE scores waiver letter, you must restate your purpose of appealing, reasons that your request must be granted and examples proving those reasons are enough. Finally, you must thank the committee for reading your request and mention that you are waiting for a reply.

What to Include in the Graduate Record Examinations

  • Business format or template
  • Salutation or formal greeting addressed to the person or persons or the committee itself
  • Reasons that you’re appealing to waive the GRE scores
  • Examples proving your claims are correct
  • Closing remarks
  • Printed name with signature above it

There you have the simple steps in writing the letter to waive the GRE scores and ways to make it look professional.

If you’re looking to improve your chances of getting an approval of your request, don’t hesitate in contacting our GRE waiver request letter service for help today!